About Us

Officers of the Association are elected annually at the Association's Annual General Meeting. Officers have a designated role but roles may be combined. All paid up members of more than three months standing may vote at the Annual General Meeting.
The Officers are responsible for managing the Association on a day-to-day basis on behalf of the Executive Council. The Executive Council is made up of representatives from each of the branches of the Association and other bodies and individuals. It is the governing body of the Association. The Executive authorises the establishment of branches and also forms sub committees. At present, these sub committees are the Constituency Women's and the Conservative Political Forum. Scope exists within the rules to appoint a Conservative Future Committee.
Branches of the Association
Branches are responsible for carrying on the work of the Conservative Party within their own ward or polling district boundaries. They hold their own Annual General Meetings, elect their own Officers, collect funds on behalf of the Association and select Prospective Candidates for Local Government elections.
They are set up under the authority of the Executive which may, if it wishes, amend, suspend or terminate the activities of a branch subject to the Rules of the Association being followed. The Association's strength is its branches, which have a proud history of very effective work, both political and financial, within many of their areas. It is the independence and commitment from the branches that has made the Bexhill and Battle Conservative Association one of the strongest in the country.