Battle and Langton school pupils lobby their MP on climate change

Battle MP, Huw Merriman, was lobbied on climate change and enviromental issues by the pupils of Battle and Langton Primary CE Primary school when he visited them last Friday.

The Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils had spent an exciting and interesting week learning about the importance of the natural environment around the world and the issue of climate change.  They invited Huw to their Friday morning assembly so they could present him with what they had learned along with letters they had written to him to ask him to take their concerns to government.

The pupils talked to Huw about their biggest worries which included the loss of habitats for endangered species, deforestation, reducing greenhouse gases, investing in renewable energy and the impact of plastics on the environment.

After the visit, Huw said “It was great to hear such impassioned speeches about protecting the environment from the pupils of Battle and Langton Primary school.  They have clearly learnt a lot during their environment week and it has had a big impact on them.  I was able to tell them what the government is already doing to reduce plastic waste and its proposals to cut down single use items such as water bottles and plastic straws. I also told them that the UK already gets over 40 percent of its energy from renewable sources but we discussed that we need increase this figure as well as persuade other countries such as China to reduce rather than increase their use of carbon-based fuels.

“We all agreed that there is so much work to be done around the world to combat climate change and protect our environment but with simple lifestyle changes we can all make a difference. We talked about things they could all do such as reducing the number of short trips taken by car by walking to school;  growing vegetables and wild flowers in our gardens to be more sustainable in our food consumption and to help bees and pollinators; and re-using our own water bottles and not using plastic straws and other disposable items which take hundreds of years to decompose.  I am pleased that Battle and Langton pupils wanted to talk to their local MP about doing more to protect our precious global environment. I shall be passing on their concerns to government. In turn, I hope that many of them grow up to be scientists and leaders who will help us look after and protect the world we live in.  I have promised to return to Battle and Langton in the near future to help them build their new fruit and vegetable beds to continue in their good work.”