Health Secretary Congratulates Local Hospital Trust

Health Secretary Congratulates Local Hospital Trust


Speaking in the House of Commons this week, the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, praised the local East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust which runs the Conquest, District and General and Bexhill Hospitals.


Responding to an invitation by local MP, Huw Merriman, to recognise the strides made by local NHS staff, Mr Hunt said “I met with the CEO in person last week and was able to congratulate him on a number of important changes that are happening. He will be pleased that we were able to find £1.9m for ESHT in the budget.”


Mr Merriman had prompted the Health Secretary by saying “The Secretary of State recently wrote to ESHT to recognise the fact that their A&E department was the most improved in the last 6 months, and when I spoke to their CEO, his point was that management focus around time targets and delivery against those was the reason why that turn around has occurred.”


The Health Secretary praised the effort from all the staff by saying “We know the quality of leadership makes a critical difference in turning around our hospitals and making them the best in the world.”


Speaking after the debate, Mr Merriman said he was pleased to get the team effort from local hospitals on the record. “Every day, I hear extraordinary stories of NHS staff who go the extra mile to help patients. It is important for praise their efforts in Parliament and stand up for what they do. There remain big challenges in the system. This year, we have more cash going to the frontline and I have been part of a bill committee team which will, when it becomes law next year, protect NHS staff from assault. I am determined to do what I can to help the people who help us all.”