Huw Raises Rural Crime Conern in Parliament


Local MP, Huw Merriman, this week brought before Parliament the concerns from local people about the levels of police activity around rural crime.

Speaking on Monday, Mr Merriman pressed the Home Office to ensure that police resources are adequately focussed on crime which is prevalent in the East Sussex countryside. Following up, the Bexhill and Battle MP urged the police "to investigate all criminal incidents and not give a perception that certain crimes, particularly those prevalent in rural areas, do not warrant investigation.”

The Minister, Sarah Newton MP, replied “My hon. Friend raises a very important point. Of course, police will investigate all crimes. Extremely good police and crime commissioners who work with their communities, such as Katy Bourne, are able to prioritise what matters most to people. They often work in partnership with great organisations such as the National Farmers Union to come up with the right solutions for the community.”

Speaking outside the chamber, Mr Merriman said "I am noting increasing numbers of constituents who are telling me, either formally in my surgeries or in the street, that they have been a victim of crime but nothing has been done about it. We have to be careful to ensure that a culture does not creep in where victims of crime do not report offences and those who commit them use this environment to cause more misery. I recognise the great work Sussex Police do in times when resources have to be prioritised, and praised Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne in the chamber. However, there are resources available to fund our police and I do not want the culture within the service to give the perception that investigations cannot be carried. My own Divisional Commander in Rother has an incredible approach to his job and it