Local MP throws open the doors for UK Parliament Week

Huw throws open the doors for UK Parliament Week


Huw Merriman MP is inviting constituents in the Bexhill and Battle constituency to get involved in UK Parliament Week and play a part in our thriving democracy. As part of a series of nationwide events, Huw will be welcoming constituents who want to know more about Parliament and his work as the local MP, to his constituency office in Bexhill on Friday 16 November between 3pm and 5pm.


UK Parliament Week is a UK-wide festival taking place from 12-18 November, which aims to engage people with the work of Parliament, how it impacts them and how they can get involved.


This year Parliament has celebrated the 100th year anniversary since women were first given the right to vote. Other centenaries coming up this year include changes in the law which gave women over 21 the right to stand for election as an MP (21 November) and the 1918 General Election when women over 30 and all men over 21 voted for the first time (14 December).


Huw said “As a Member of Parliament, I look forward to welcoming constituents to my constituency office in Bexhill to find out more about Parliament and my role as their MP during UK Parliament Week 2018. I am keen to ensure that our current and future voters understand how vital their participation is in our democracy. Having recently given many presentations in local schools to show how Parliament words and how democracy is evolved, I am now inviting my constituents to come and see exactly what we do for the community from our constituency office on a day to day basis.”


Last year, UK Parliament Week reached more than 360,000 people, with over 4,500 events. This year’s UK Parliament Week festival is the largest ever and will see more than 7,000 registered events with over 500,000 people taking part.


David Clark, Head of Education and Engagement at UK Parliament, said: “There are many exciting events as part of this year’s UK Parliament Week, with many of those happening in the Bexhill and Battle constituencySchools, colleges, workplaces and community groups across Bexhill and Battle have a chance to get involved in their democracy, and to also celebrate one of the most important centenaries in British democratic history. We can only work towards a more equal society if we all engage with democracy so please find ways to get involved across Bexhill and Battle constituency.”


To find out more about Parliament and to meet Huw, pop in to the constituency office at 29 Sea Road, Bexhill-on-Sea.